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Podcast 31: Setting A Scene Part Two

Setting a scene – PART TWO. In this follow up scene, AlphaDomme, MissRose and BetaBoy play out the scene they had planned and then debrief on what it felt like. The recording quality is not brilliant (on account of the fact that it was recorded in a bedroom!) but you’ll hear a lot of screaming and laughing, which hopefully will make up for any technical deficiencies.


Podcast 30: Setting A Scene Part One

Setting a scene – PART ONE. AlphaDomme, MissRose and BetaBoy get together to talk in detail about setting a scene. What do guys like? What do women like? How do you find a middle ground? Where does safety fit in? How do you find creative new ideas? All good questions to discuss but our plans are far more ambitious. We go on to plan an actual, bona fide scene and in part two you will hear how it all goes down. Enjoy!


Podcast #29: Wanted

Wanted. After addressing some listener feedback, in this episode we talk about our poly adventures, and AlphaDomme’s most recent efforts at finding another submissive male with whom to share a relationship.

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Podcast #28: The Punishment Experiment

The Punishment Experiment. This episode captures a Sunday afternoon living room conversation. This week AlphaDomme and I stumbled into an interesting (and at times emotionally challenging) discussion about the nature of punishment in a FLR. On Sunday we sat down and reflected on everything we had gone over and decided. We thought we would give listeners a window on that conversation. The take home message from this discussion, we feel, is that the relationship must always take precedence over kink.


Podcast #27: Body Worship

In this episode we have the great pleasure of introducing Miss Rose, Betaboy’s new domme and AlphaDomme’s metamour. After Betaboy absolutely embarrasses himself gushing at how happy and lucky he feels to be recording a podcast with two mistresses in attendance we get down to the nitty gritty and talk about body worship: what it is, what makes it hot, how to do it and the mental spaces required to make it good. This is our first three way conversation and I think regular listeners will note the excitement as we tumble our way through this sexy discussion topic.


Podcast #26: Three Things

In this episode we talk about our favorite things, and spoilers: raindrops on roses do not get a mention. We also talk about a big change in our relationships status and offer some first impressions of our foray into female led polyamory.


Podcast #24: Anal Play


In this episode we talk with Eva Blake, a certified sexological body worker, about all things anal play. A lot of people out there (both ‘inserters’ and ‘insertees’) are drawn to anal play but find themselves a bit unsure of where to begin, what to expect and how to do it. In this podcast, Eva answers all these questions and then some. What positions work best? How to do it safely? What kinds of sensations can you expect? All shall be revealed.

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Podcast #23: KinkFest!


In this episode we share our impressions of KinkFest, an amazing few days of all things kink which we recently both attended in Portland. Guys, this event was ridiculously fun and enlightening and we recommend the hell out of it!

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Podcast #22: Shame! What is it good for?


(Absolutely Nothing!)

In this podcast we get the ball rolling by talking about Kinkfest, a big kink event coming up in Portland. We’re both really, really, really, really excited about this event. (Really). We talk through some of the events they have lined up and generally enthuse about the “infamous” parties in our near future. If you are going to this event, look us up! We’d love to catch up for a drink. If you aren’t going to this event, consider going to this event! You can find a registration form here. But Hurry, the deadline is 18 March.

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