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Podcast #7: Setting A Femdom Scene

femdom scene

At long last we have found the time to do episode 7. In this episode we look at the art of setting a scene. Setting a femdom scene can intimidate a lot of fledgeling dommes. Many women start out unsure of just how much knowledge and planning are required to make kink play work. Some dommes may even feel a little intimidated by the intensity of a kink scene, even though they really want to do it. The good news is, it really need not be that hard or stressful. This podcast explores how a domme can plan out a kinky play session with a submissive without getting too stressed. The podcast also drills into the practical details, such as:


  • What kinds of femdom play work well when you are just getting to know someone, and which ones to avoid until you have more awareness of one another’s kinks
  • What to plan and what NOT to plan
  • Dealing with kink expectations and making sure that the femdom scene stays focused foremost on the woman’s desires
  • What kink conversations to have before and after the femdom scene
  • Avoiding topping from the bottom
  • How to stay safe, sane and consensual in kink play
  • How to handle sub drop, domme drop and aftercare

We also invent a word: “kinkologically”.

This podcast contains femdom, bdsm, D/s and sexual content.


BetaBoy is the submissive hubby of Alphadomme. He loves writing, reading and generally living the adventure of making a female led relationship work. As geeky as he is kinky, he has a range of niche interests he'd be more than willing to share with you if you leave too long a pause in the conversation. He also likes to think that he is tall for his height and young for his age,

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