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Shackled Love Stories: Tales of Tough Love


I’m excited to announce the launch of … let’s call it a sister site (although it’s probably more like a slightly younger and more annoying brother). The site is called “Shackled Love Stories” and as the title suggests, this site is all about erotica involving dominance and submission.

On this site, you’ll find an interesting assortment of short stories, reviews and excerpts of a wide array of D/s erotica. Femdom will always be the primary focus of this site, although we may eventually widen the scope of the site to include a representative sample of other flavors.

Why launch a new site just for stories?

We decided to launch this site because lots of our members seem to really enjoy writing and reading femdom stories. And why wouldn’t you? Fictional stories fuel fantasies and spark the imagination. I know I loves me a bit of good erotica and AlphaDomme enjoys it too, although I think it’s fair to say she is a bit more selective!

The thing is, Men Submit is a site primarily dedicated to “real life”. That is to say, the site is about how to actually live a FLR, and there’s always been a bit of an odd mismatch on this site between the discussions and questions about real life and the stories our members submit. Stories have a place. They’re important. But we don’t want fictional content to dilute the real life content!

So can I still submit stories and reviews to Men Submit?

For now, yes. Shackled Love Stories is still being developed and we’re getting it set up, so for now you are more than welcome to post your stories to the Men Submit site. BUT, to be sure your story gets the maximum possible readers, we would love it if you would also go to Shackled Love Stories and submit your story there too. :)


What kinds of stuff will I find on Shackled Love Stories?

Stories! You’ll find stories of tough lovin’ from enthusiastic amateur and professional writers. You’ll also find reviews aplenty as well as excerpts from stories to whet your appetite. Down the track if there is interest, I’ll also set up anthologies, reading groups and other story-focused fun. So please come visit shackled love stories, add it to your favorites and post hyour stories on there.

So, head on over to Shackled Love Stories and click on register at the top of the screen and sign up. Then submit any stories you’d like to share! While you are at it, why not sign up to get the newsletter about all things erotica.  Thanks!


BetaBoy is the submissive hubby of Alphadomme. He loves writing, reading and generally living the adventure of making a female led relationship work. As geeky as he is kinky, he has a range of niche interests he'd be more than willing to share with you if you leave too long a pause in the conversation. He also likes to think that he is tall for his height and young for his age,

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